Eden Optometrists Knysna: eye testing, vision testing and picking up any medical eye conditions that require referral or special correction. We will advise on the way forward whether prescription glasses or lenses or special care.  Credit Hamel via Unsplash.


At Eden Optometrists Knysna eye testing (eye exams and vision testing) are our passion. Our aim is to give you clear, comfortable, single, binocular vision and we employ trusted methods as well as modern equipment during the refraction to achieve this.

We conduct ocular health examinations to rule out forms of medical eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration as well as dry eye and kerataconus.

We offer driver vision screening and certificates, pilot and skippers license certificates as well as school vision screening. We test individuals as well as groups (e.g. businesses, factories) or visual screening at schools by arrangement. Child vision assessments and eye exercises enhance visual function for improved reading skills.

Our Retina Camera is a handy adjunct when there is a family history of ARMD (macular degeneration) and for those who suffer from low vision, we conduct low vision examinations and assessments.

Medical Aid and cash patients are most welcome and we are willing to negotiate cash package deals where appropriate.






Professional, expert eye exams and vision testing in Knysna by Eden Optometrists using modern vision testing equipment and eye exam techniques.
Eye testing in Knysna: vision testing to the highest standard to detect medical eye problems and to assess and correct vision.
At Eden Optometrists Knysna eye testing is done with state of the art eye testing equipment and modern assessment techniques.

See us ASAP if you have:

  • Suddenly altered or blurry vision or other concerning visual symptoms.
  • A painful or red eye.
  • Been advised to by a healthcare professional.
  • Broken glasses and need replacement to function.
  • A problem with your contact lenses.
"I love how my annual eye testing at Eden Optometrists is nothing like the 20-minute conveyer-belt tests at chain outlets. The personal attention, detailed examination and care taken to consider my special sporting needs, are exceptional. Thank you!" - Karen